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Jan 31, 2013 5:30am PST
in the future. >> the u.s. has lost its triple aaa credit rating. spending cuts and tax rises in the coming weeks. analysts have said these discussions would have little impact on the economy. they were wrong. the pressure is on politicians to do a deal quickly. >> the granting of a boeing 787 in japan has cost it $1 billion. -- grounding of a boeing 787 has cost it $1 billion. doctors and ambulance staff say cutbacks have left to the health system missing supplies. protests have increased in recent weeks as an grows over the government's austerity plan. it is difficult to navigate and more daunting if you do not speak russian. we are talking about the moscow metro. there are up to 9 million passengers during peak hours. a major redesign aims to ease the crush. >> you could be forgiven for thinking parts of the moscow metro looks more like an art gallery that a busy underground rail network. it reflects the city's soviets passed and culture. tens of thousands of people work to bring the subway system to live. much of the labor is done in tough conditions by hand. the metro opened in 1935, 7
Jan 30, 2013 5:30am PST
governments s carver -- her government's carbon tax -- commodity prices have dipped. australia's economy has cooled. the opposition party says the government has lost control of australia's borders in the face of tens of thousands of asylum seekers. they will claim the government has mishandled relations with important neighbors. as of -- the suspension of live cattle exports to indonesia are thought to have caused offense. election is also likely to be personal in tone. late last year in a speech that went viral, the prime minister accused the opposition leader of sexism and misogyny, saying he treated her without respect because she was a woman. a few months ago, polls showed the labor government was deeply unpopular -- labour government was deeply unpopular. while the date is now known, the outcome is far from certain. >> the united eights is planning to expand its drone program to northwest africa -- the united states is planning to expand its drone program to northwest africa. the us will -- the aim is to gather intelligence against rebel groups in the region. this is where the rebel gr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2